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Caitlin Osborne

Born and raised in Kirkcaldy a harbor town on the East coast of Fife, although perhaps not obvious to me at the time of starting up Design Caledonia, much of my inspiration came from Kirkcaldy and the people that surrounded me there. 



Kirkcaldy was at one time a industrial town producing coal and salt although the towns most successful industry came in the 1870s. Floorcloth, better known as linoleum or lino was Kirkcaldy’s biggest industry making the town a world producer of flooring until the 1960’s. My father would tell me “The linoleum factory made Kirkcaldy the town it was. Everyone worked there, you couldn’t go anywhere without smelling the stuff” or seeing it, many of Kirkcaldy’s main buildings including the train station, art gallery and museum still to this day have lino floors. 


I have found in my career and hobbies I get most enjoyment from designing, producing or physically pushing myself to achieve or make a product. To be able to have a product at the end of a project I find exciting and more rewarding than sitting behind a computer screen all day with little to show for my efforts. I therefore hold a romantic notion of industrial Britain, but more specifically my manufacturing hometown of Kirkcaldy. I am both proud and inspired that a whole town could come together to produce one high quality product for the world to enjoy.